Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Water

So, I liked this week's topic, but my challenge was time!! I think I need an assistant- I wanted to take a photo of one of my favorite ways to consume water: Earl Gray tea. But, I just couldn't get the image I wanted without a second person to pour the hot water. Couldn't get the 5-year-old or toddler to do that!

So, my images are of fall colors on the Savannah river. For some reason, my colors never look as vibrant after I upload the photos to Blogger. Anyone know why?


Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Zipper

I admit I was feeling uninspired for this week's post. And I don't really like either of the photos I came up with, but, here goes.

I took this picture of Mollie in her favorite winter coat. She was not happy about the coat being a bit too small or that I zipped it up all the way. I got one quick shot and this was it.

The focus was off and I just wasn't happy with that photo, so I decided to take a picture of my all-time favorite zipper. It's from a toddler "busy" book that my grandma made for me in the 70's.

I thought it would be more interesting if it had some "toddler hands" in it, but Lucy just wouldn't cooperate. Apparently, the zipper page isn't her favorite.

So, I'm not entirely happy with either photo this week, but I tried!


Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Candy

I decided to participate in this weekly photo challenge from shutterboo, just for fun. And to help me get back into posting on this blog.

Last week's challenge was candy, so here's my contribution. This is Lucy enjoying one of Mollie's Halloween lollipops!