Okay, I admit that I've read all but Book 7 of the Harry Potter series. I've been avoiding reading the last one for several reasons:

1. It's expensive ($35)
2. I don't want it to end
3. I keep trying to use it as a reward for doing a bunch of other stuff (If I accomplish {some task} then I can go get Deathly Hollows).

But now I find myself avoiding anything Potter-related so that I won't run into any "spoilers". I'm going to break down and get it this weekend. It's summer; I should indulge, right?


Back to normal life

After a week in Switzerland and a week in Lake Tahoe (with husband and daughter, M and M) I'm not quite back into my regular routine, but I'm getting there. I wish I lived in Tahoe, although I guess it probably wouldn't seem so great if I wasn't on vacation.

It was great for M to get to play with her extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) and for us to hang out with them too. Plus it was nice to mingle with Californians for an extended period. Spending too much time in Georgia can really warp your sense of reality.

M also got to her first major league baseball game on this trip. She wasn't too excited about it until Auntie K started feeding her popcorn and nachos.


First post

So, 8 months after I "created" this blog, I'm finally getting around to my first post. I think what spurred it on is my recent experience with British Airways. I just took a business trip to Geneva (Switzerland, not Wisconsin) and I had a lovely flight home, where I got upgraded to first class. Then things turned ugly when I arrived in Atlanta without my luggage. I filed a report and figured the bags would turn up sooner or later. So it's been nearly two weeks and ONE bag has shown up- unfortunately it was the one full of dirty socks and t-shirts, no souvenirs, chocolate, business suits or make-up.

Kind of a downer for my first post. Apparently BA is the worst airline for lost luggage. So, if anyone sees an unclaimed black travelpro suitcase from Georgia, let me know. And I've learned my lesson- I'm planning to paint bright green stars on all my bags before my next trip to make them easy to spot!!

It was a fun trip though...