Just a minute!

Sometimes I feel like this is all I ever say to my kids. Whether I'm trying to fold laundry, make dinner, send an e mail, go to the bathroom, etc. I'm always saying (or in some cases shouting) "Just a minute" or "Be patient" or some variation. I think I must say "Just a minute" at least 40 times a day; sometimes it feels like 40 times an hour. Rarely do I have more than 5 minutes to do anything without an interruption from one of the two kids (or Matt).

And I have discovered that fussy babies really raise my stress levels. Crying doesn't do it nearly as much as fussing. Yes, I think fussing is the infant-equivalent of whining.

All of the fussing, whining, and attention-needing gets me flustered. And usually, just when I'm feeling like I'm about to lose it, the phone rings!! So I end up cussing out the phone and feeling much better afterward. At least I don't have to ANSWER the phone!

By the way, I have said "Just a minute" three times while writing this post!!

And I'm not blaming the callers... I just may not answer at that particular moment because I'm feeling overwhelmed and you wouldn't want to talk to me anyway.



Does anyone else secretly like Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? Not so such a secret any more!

And, wow!, what a response to the Terro post. So far, so good. No new ant invasions at our house!



The trail leads down from the roof, along the deck, up the siding, in through a tiny opening in the storm window, under the window sash, up the framing, onto a chair pushed up against the shutters..... ANTS!

We got a package of terro baits in the mail (thanks Charlie). I stuck one on the sill, in between the window sash and the storm window. The ants drained it and now there are one or two scavenging about, but the big trail is gone. We are waiting for it to work it's magic and destroy the colony. Keeping fingers crossed.

What do you think... set out another bait? They supposedly sell this stuff at Walgreens, Home Depot, and (gulp!) Walmart, so I'll have to check that out.


The pictures of Lucy blog?

That's kind of what this has turned into lately. The reasons?

The chemo has Mollie feeling crappy (and not up for doing anything or taking pictures)
We haven't really been out doing anything except going to the clinic or the hospital.
If we are doing anything, it's usually just me with the baby and Mollie so managing the camera is difficult.

Anyway, Lucy is pretty photogenic so it's not a bad thing.... I just noticed all of the pictures are of her.

Oh, and I keep meaning to bring the camera to the hospital or clinic to get some action shots but I always forget it!


I want...

a Nintendo Wii. Not like I have a bunch of extra time to sit around playing video games, but they have one at the hospital and the oncology clinic and... it's fun!

OK, I know it doesn't exactly fit in with the other stuff on my wish list... a new carpet, dining room furniture, an external hard drive, a bias tape maker, but we just might make it our fall family entertainment purchase.

Anyone have one and love it? Or not?

Time Flies

Happy Half- birthday to Lucy! She is 6 months old today.

She such a happy baby! She's very curious and social. And she really charms everyone she sees. I almost feel like we're doing a public service when we walk through the hospital because everyone stops and smiles and talks to her!



My back has been sore from carrying the kids around and not getting enough sleep/exercise, so I have been thinking I about getting a massage. And we've also been talking about going to the coast for a mini-vacation. We were chatting about this last night and I said, "Maybe we can find a resort with a spa that will do a couples massage." Matt said, "So... you get a couple to give you a massage and I get to go fishing?????"

I am still laughing about it!


Second time in the swing at the park

Lucy enjoyed the swing, as you can tell! At the bottom is a picture of Mollie at a park in Boston at almost exactly the same age Lucy is now (4 days older actually).


Happy Birthday Mom and Sal!

image © copyright 2008 VintageHolidayCrafts.com


What can Lucy do?

Since I've been focused so much on Mollie lately, I think I'll dedicate this post to Lucy. We've been sticking together like glue because she is breastfeeding and I haven't been pumping... so no bottles.

She's now eating solids at least twice a day and loves every bite! On the ever-expanding menu are: oatmeal, rice cereal, applesauce, pears, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I think Lucy would like the menu to include cheeseburgers, macaroni, chocolate cake... the girl watches every bite when anyone is eating and she takes meal time very seriously.

Lucy is also rolling over in both directions and can spin herself around 360 degrees. She can sit for about 30 seconds with no support. She is really interested in everything that's going on and always wants to be involved. She loves the cat and starts breathing hard when he comes into view. And everything she can get her hands on is going straight into her mouth so we have to be really careful about the Polly Pocket-sized toys that Mollie has.

I'm hoping she won't crawl for a while, but she can get her legs under her when she's on her tummy. So far she doesn't quit have the upper body strength to get her (big) belly off the ground.

Lucy brings us a lot of joy. She is happy, chubby, and easy to please. Hurray for Lu!



Okay, I got the ants under control (knocking on wood), but then s___ happened.

Quote from an e mail I received from my friend Nicole yesterday:

every time I get stressed that the dumb dog is eating Diego's toy or I get poop all over me, or other simple dumb stuff, I think of you, dealing with so much more

Quote from my reply:

getting poop on you still sucks,even if you have a kid with leukemia

As if to prove my point, Lucy had a MAJOR poop-splosion this A.M.
It was everywhere- luckily she was in her exersaucer so most of the poop was contained.

So just to reiterate, it DOES suck to get poop on you!!


I value them as decomposers in our ecosystem, but not in my kitchen!! Off to exterminate them...