Merry Christmas!


Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Feet

At 9 months pregnant, I can barely see my own feet. I was hoping to have some brand new itty bitty feet to take photos of this week, but it was not to be. Mollie and Lucy cooperated though by putting their feet together while they were watching Frosty the Snowman. I kinda like it.

Here's another play in Photoshop:
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Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Road

Another photo of the beautiful Botany Bay Plantation in South Carolina. It is part of the Edisto Land Trust. We only had time to briefly explore it by car, but I can't wait to go back on foot!

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Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Cold

Yesterday it was 80 degrees here. Yes, 80. I could not bring myself to post about cold. Today is a full 35 degrees cooler. Much more like it. Still, the visions of cold that I have involve frost, snow, ice, etc. none of which are occurring naturally anywhere within a 200 mile radius.

My entry for this week is entitled "Cool beans". Frozen black beans, that is. I cook dried beans in big batches and freeze them to use later. I pulled some out and they had a lovely layer of frost on them.

I tried a few other shots before the beans. First, I was just trying to get a picture of my freezer. I hate my freezer because it's so skinny and it's always full and hard to find stuff. Here it is in all it's un-glory:

And yesterday, I captured this tree hanging on to it's last few leaves in the parking lot of Target. While I was wearing a short sleeve T-shirt and had the air conditioner on. In December.

It sure does look cold, doesn't it?



I finally made time to do some sewing yesterday! I've been doing little bits here and there, mostly mending, but yesterday I finally did two projects!

The first was an apron to give as a birthday gift (excuse the crappy photo- the batteries in the camera were dying). I love how it turned out! And it was so easy (except for the waistband- got to learn a better technique for that). I did the gathering by zig-zagging over a gimp thread and it worked splendidly. I think I want to try using a gathering foot for my next ruffle project.

My second project was a dress for Mollie. I picked up a second hand T-shirt for her and found some (on sale) snowflake fabric. I don't love it, but Mollie does. I didn't get a photo of her in it before she went to bed... now I'll have to wash it and snap a picture later this week.


Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Fork

This week the challenge was fork. I was figuring there would be lots of forkfulls of turkey or fancy table settings. Other fork-y things that came to mind were forks in the road, pitchforks, tuning forks, and Rock Shox. Yeah, the suspension fork on my mountain bike. I had to wait until today to take the picture because it's been raining cats and dogs for the last few days. Finally the sun is out and here's what I got:

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Shutterboo Photo Challenge: Green

Last week I was without internet and with both children full-time- making the photo challenge an extra-big challenge. Actually, I got the photo taken, but the challenge was uploading it. So here we go, a week late. I tend to take a lot of pictures of chlorophyll (as in foliage), so I challenged myself by trying to photograph green dye diffusing in water.

Then, while we were on our Thanksgiving trip to Edisto, SC, I took this photo at Botany Bay plantation. It felt like the whole place was tinted green, so I'm including that here too.