I finally made time to do some sewing yesterday! I've been doing little bits here and there, mostly mending, but yesterday I finally did two projects!

The first was an apron to give as a birthday gift (excuse the crappy photo- the batteries in the camera were dying). I love how it turned out! And it was so easy (except for the waistband- got to learn a better technique for that). I did the gathering by zig-zagging over a gimp thread and it worked splendidly. I think I want to try using a gathering foot for my next ruffle project.

My second project was a dress for Mollie. I picked up a second hand T-shirt for her and found some (on sale) snowflake fabric. I don't love it, but Mollie does. I didn't get a photo of her in it before she went to bed... now I'll have to wash it and snap a picture later this week.

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nicola@which name? said...

that is super cute! i haven't tackled much in the way of ruffles.
good for you for project time. i hate mending and am shocked at how much sewing time is sucks up.