Photographing Fireflies

Summer in the South is not what I would call pleasant. There's the heat, the humidity, and the bugs! However, there are some good things- the fragrant gardenias, the creamy white magnolia blossoms,

and fireflies (yes, they are bugs too, but in a completely different category than roaches, ants, and mosquitoes).

The fireflies are my favorite part of summer, but capturing them on film (or digital storage media) is hard! Anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking slow shutter speed and wide aperture and a tripod.


Mother's Day

I had a nice mother's day with Matt, Mollie and Lucy in Columbia, S. C. We saw the "Turner to Cezane" exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art and enjoyed the sunny day in Columbia!


Sewing Round Up

Well, I never manage to do as much sewing as I would like (there's all that dinner-making, diaper-changing, and actual work that gets in the way), but I did manage to do a fair amount of sewing in April. I didn't manage to post any of it!

Besides the stroller liner and the shirred dress, I turned a T-shirt into a romper (part of my effort to practice sewing knits) and modified a few of Mollie's dresses.

The T-shirt romper did not turn out great. When I cut out the crotch (ew, crotch.) I did it with the shirt folded in half, thinking that would make it perfectly centered. Um, no. The shirt was all wonky so the crotch was off to the side. That meant I had to make a bigger cut-out than planned, the the legs turned narrower than I wanted. Not so good for my chunky baby! I will definitely be trying this again though as we have an ever-growing supply of T-shirts and the whole thing only took about 20 minutes. I followed these basic instructions, but I reinforced the crotch and put snaps on it instead of velcro.

The other project - dresses (sorry for the blurry picture). Mollie got some hand-me-down dresses that are CUTE. But she won't wear them because they are not fancy enough (is she really my child?). Some fabric yo-yos, buttons and rick-rack fixed that!