The pictures of Lucy blog?

That's kind of what this has turned into lately. The reasons?

The chemo has Mollie feeling crappy (and not up for doing anything or taking pictures)
We haven't really been out doing anything except going to the clinic or the hospital.
If we are doing anything, it's usually just me with the baby and Mollie so managing the camera is difficult.

Anyway, Lucy is pretty photogenic so it's not a bad thing.... I just noticed all of the pictures are of her.

Oh, and I keep meaning to bring the camera to the hospital or clinic to get some action shots but I always forget it!


nea said...

i love the photos and it lets lucy stay a part of our world, too, as family and friends follow along what is going on with mollie.

LSULiv said...

Agreed! It's as though this was the normal ongoings blog, and when Mollie got sick she got her own, so this defaulted to the everything-else-not-entirely-related-to-MCK-and-ALL updates now. I love the photos and stories :)