What can Lucy do?

Since I've been focused so much on Mollie lately, I think I'll dedicate this post to Lucy. We've been sticking together like glue because she is breastfeeding and I haven't been pumping... so no bottles.

She's now eating solids at least twice a day and loves every bite! On the ever-expanding menu are: oatmeal, rice cereal, applesauce, pears, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I think Lucy would like the menu to include cheeseburgers, macaroni, chocolate cake... the girl watches every bite when anyone is eating and she takes meal time very seriously.

Lucy is also rolling over in both directions and can spin herself around 360 degrees. She can sit for about 30 seconds with no support. She is really interested in everything that's going on and always wants to be involved. She loves the cat and starts breathing hard when he comes into view. And everything she can get her hands on is going straight into her mouth so we have to be really careful about the Polly Pocket-sized toys that Mollie has.

I'm hoping she won't crawl for a while, but she can get her legs under her when she's on her tummy. So far she doesn't quit have the upper body strength to get her (big) belly off the ground.

Lucy brings us a lot of joy. She is happy, chubby, and easy to please. Hurray for Lu!


Lauren said...

I can't decide if your two girls are amazingly photogenic or if you are an exceptional photographer...i think both! I love your photos. Hope you are well. love, L

Anonymous said...

"She is happy, chubby, and easy to please" Excuse me but you forgot VERY CUTE!!! eh

nea said...

oh, i love it. finn is in almost the exact same developmental and food spot (just posted about him on saturday), so it just makes me feel closer to lucy thinking she is doing the same things. got to meet little sasha yesterday and she is right on par with our two, but sitting on her own. cuties! how much does lucy weigh?