Okay, I got the ants under control (knocking on wood), but then s___ happened.

Quote from an e mail I received from my friend Nicole yesterday:

every time I get stressed that the dumb dog is eating Diego's toy or I get poop all over me, or other simple dumb stuff, I think of you, dealing with so much more

Quote from my reply:

getting poop on you still sucks,even if you have a kid with leukemia

As if to prove my point, Lucy had a MAJOR poop-splosion this A.M.
It was everywhere- luckily she was in her exersaucer so most of the poop was contained.

So just to reiterate, it DOES suck to get poop on you!!


nea said...

what do you mean? poop is my favorite thing about being a mom. (i'm just shitting you.) don't you love how somehow poop creeps into normal conversations with your partner? lately, i have just been getting peed on a lot. not something i experienced with lala

Amy@UWM said...

I am SO sorry to hear about your beautiful little girl. I'm a cancer survivor myself and although I was a young adult at the time, the experience was much harder on my mom than it was on me. I'll be thinking and praying for your sweet girl and also for strength for her mommy to hold up during this tough, tough time.