Just a minute!

Sometimes I feel like this is all I ever say to my kids. Whether I'm trying to fold laundry, make dinner, send an e mail, go to the bathroom, etc. I'm always saying (or in some cases shouting) "Just a minute" or "Be patient" or some variation. I think I must say "Just a minute" at least 40 times a day; sometimes it feels like 40 times an hour. Rarely do I have more than 5 minutes to do anything without an interruption from one of the two kids (or Matt).

And I have discovered that fussy babies really raise my stress levels. Crying doesn't do it nearly as much as fussing. Yes, I think fussing is the infant-equivalent of whining.

All of the fussing, whining, and attention-needing gets me flustered. And usually, just when I'm feeling like I'm about to lose it, the phone rings!! So I end up cussing out the phone and feeling much better afterward. At least I don't have to ANSWER the phone!

By the way, I have said "Just a minute" three times while writing this post!!

And I'm not blaming the callers... I just may not answer at that particular moment because I'm feeling overwhelmed and you wouldn't want to talk to me anyway.

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nea said...

oh, god, me too. and the fussy baby...you just described my yesterday afternoon. add a pitifully whining finn (tired, but i was trying to keep him going until bedtime)to a tired whiney lala and i was just totally frazzled. that glass of whine after their bedtime was a need, i swear.