Much needed break

This weekend we went to Harbor Island, SC for a mini-vacation with Matt's mom. It was very nice. Relaxing is the word. There was no pressure to do anything. We threw the trip together at the last minute and it worked. Great weather. Great beach. Great condo. Great company. I didn't get much more sleep than usual due to baby Lucy, but Matt and I got a dinner out (alone!) and Mollie had a great time with Grandma.

We definitely want to go back. I never planned to live in the South, but since we're here, we might as well take advantage of the beaches. The sand is gorgeous, the water is warm (but full of sharks and jellyfish- aack!). Mollie has been wanting to go camping so we're thinking of heading to Hunting Island State Park sometime in the fall to camp on the beach. It really looks beautiful.

I am always torn when we head to Charleston, Savannah, or other seacoast towns. I want to explore all the good shopping, restaurants, historic sites, etc. in town, but I also want to spend my time on the beach, relaxing, taking pictures, looking for shells. I guess that's a good problem to have though, so I'm not spending too much time worrying about it.

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salsita said...

Sounds like a great trip. I am happy that you are close the the ocean, even if it's the Atlantic!