I'm starting to think we just have bad luck.

Seriously. This week, it's ants (constantly). Then the internet stops working. Now our dryer won't heat. We NEED our dryer. It's not even 2 years old. After reading about other people's problems with this particular model, I think it's probably the control board (something that will have to be "ordered"). Ugh.

We were just discussing what we might do this weekend- one of the few in recent memory where:
- it's not supposed to be blazing hot outside
- our daughter's chemotherapy is not making her feel sick
- we don't have visitors or other obligations

Well, I guess I have a date with the laundromat.

Can't life just give us a break??

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BookyG said...

I'm sorry, I hope your family was able to do something fun (other than the laundry mat) this weekend.