Should I see a doctor?

I have been feeling like I have no energy, since about March really. I wake up tired, even after getting a full night's sleep.

Any ideas? I think my iron is okay (I'm taking a multi-vitamin). It could be stress related, with everything that's been going on with Mollie, but this started before Mollie was diagnosed with leukemia. I haven't been getting regular exercise (chasing kids around and running up and down the stairs, yes. jogging, swimming, elliptical, no.)

I am due for a regular physical anyway, so I guess I will discuss it with my doctor at that time.

I am enjoying watching the Olympic athletes, full of exuberant energy. It's inspiring.


nea said...

S, i finally have F sleeping through the night. and he wakes early, so i have been exercising in the early hours, before the rest of the house is awake. i cannot say strongly enough how much better i am feeling with more uninterrupted sleep and with exercise back in my life. i don't even know how to suggest to you how to get more. it is way harder with two and with being home, and i don't have the added stress you have. but i did just want to say that i had completely underestimated how awful sleep deprivation and lack of exercise had been making me feel mentally and physically. that said, is it just fatigue? any chance you may have a touch of post-partum depression? honestly, i have had NO sense of that from you at all, but thought i would throw that out.

LSULiv said...

I had this a while back, too. Sometimes it's just the summer heat that takes it out of you. I made an effort to eat more spinach and dark, leafy greens. I took B12 (or was it B6?) and drank more fluids. It all seemed to add up and help me to have more energy. If you ever can get 'em in, naps aren't bad, either :)
Hope you're feeling recharged before too long!!

RGW said...

I seem to get this on and off for the last few years too. Since I was in high school i've suffered with bouts of bad insomnia which I used to always attribute that feeling with (and the drugs I take for it too). The last few years though i've had less and less bouts of the insomnia, more full nights sleep, yet still get that feeling.

I definitely attribute a lot of it to less exercise, it is amazing how much better I feel, sleep and eat when I exercise, was doing well about a year ago, but moving and being at sea for 4.5 months this year, the lethargy is back big time. Need to get to the gym, need to get hiking, need to get kayaking.....need to be in 1 place for more than 3 weeks!

Totally more water too - seems like a little thing, but when I measure out my 4 litres a day (4 nalgene bottles - 2 at home & 2 at work) and actually drink it, after just a day or two I totally feel good.

That said - if your going for a physical, having your thyroid checked is a good thing too, that can cause same symptoms and is an easy (drug) fix that I know people who have said it's a night and day difference. Insulin levels too. Totally worth the blood work every year or two.

PleaseRecycle said...

Thanks for all the comments (on the blog and by e mail).

I definitely think this is a combination of things (like heat, sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, staying home with two kids, etc).

I am going back to teaching next week so that will force me to get a little more organized and maybe I can carve out some "me" time after class.


Jill said...

I think stress is a huge factor in me not getting good sleep, but this may be sort of off topic what with talk of vitamins and thyroid glands and all, but how old is your mattress? Because I was sleeping horribly for about 6 months, tossing and turning and waking up every 2 hours. Our mattress was never a great one, and it was about 9 years old at the time. And then in April we got a wonderful new mattress, and a lot of that has resolved, with the exception of when I'm super-stressed about work. Just an idea. :)