The weekend

The dryer was down all weekend. And it rained all weekend, so we couldn't hang clothes outdoors either. Thank you Michelle for letting me dry my laundry at your house Friday night! You saved me from the laundromat!

Still, Saturday went like this:

Matt and Mollie went fishing; Lucy had a poop-splosion. We went out and had a very nice dinner; Mollie at a lot; Mollie barfed when we got home. We cleaned up (threw away a hopeless rug) and went to bed; several hours later, Otis (the cat) puked.

Then Sunday we went into the hospital so I couldn't do anything about the laundry anyway.

At the moment, I am *enjoying* doing laundry!

Even with all that went on, it wasn't a BAD weekend. Everyone was in a good mood. We (almost) accomplished one of our goals for the weekend- getting Lucy a dresser. I've been looking around for a used one but I haven't had any luck. I walked into Babies R' Us on Saturday and there was a perfect sized chifferobe marked down about 50%! We picked it up (it actually fit in the Volvo- phew!) before going out to dinner. We managed to get it out of the car and into the house on Sunday morning and that's where we stopped. It is really heavy and we didn't want to kill ourselves trying to get it upstairs with no help. It is currently filled with Lucy's clothes, but.... it's in our living room!

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