In our own backyard

Well, not exactly. But this beautiful park is just a mile or two up the road from our house. We spent the afternoon there walking, dropping rocks from the bridge, and playing at the playground. Mollie is frowning because she's carrying a bucket full of rocks (her choice).

I decided we needed to just get out of the house and it ended up turning into the most enjoyable afternoon. Funny how that works! I didn't prepare or plan at all- just grabbed the diaper bag and went out the door. We met a woman whose son had a brain tumor when he was little and is now in his 30's. Always good to hear those kind of stories. And Mollie played with a new friend, Mariah, at the playground. Mariah's mom and I had a good conversation too.


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BookyG said...

Damn! Only a mile from your house?!? You know, was actually feeling sorry for you living in Georgia, but now I'm not so sure (not that you ever asked for sympathy, but I was biased). I bet it great in the fall.

Amy@UWM said...

Beautiful. I didn't know you lived in Georgia. Us too!