I keep thinking of non-Mollie related things I want to write about, so I guess it's time to pick this blog up again.

In case you haven't noticed, this blog doesn't have a particular theme. It is just my ramblings about topics that are on my mind. So today's topic is juice. I admit that I like it. I prefer it to plain water. Actually, my favorite drink (besides beer and wine) is sparkling water with a splash of juice.

My kids, Lucy in particular, like juice, so I do buy juice. I only buy 100% juice, I always try to cut it with water to lessen the sugar content, and I laugh when I read how many servings of fruit this juice contains. Seriously? Juice is liquid sugar. They have taken fruit and removed most of the healthy stuff (fiber), so why does it still count as a serving of fruit?

There are some fruit juices out there that have fruit or vegetable puree added; I can appreciate the nutritional value of those. I think using diluted juice as a thirst quencher is okay, but I seriously question the health claim that juice is a serving of fruit. There are a lot of studies about juice consumption and health so I'm off to do some research. I would like to find a comparison of people who ate the same number of fruit servings, but one group ate whole fruits and the other got theirs through juice.

I'll let you know what I find out.