Adventures in Composting

So I arrived home from work the other day to find a Biostack (from Smith and Hawken) on my doorstep (a gift from GC). I'm pretty sure we're the only people in the neighborhood with a composter now...

We set it up and M thought it was a "square playhouse". We finally convinced her to let us put some clippings in it and we're waiting for something to happen. It's kind of fun saving kitchen scraps, clippings, etc. for the compost heap but I really want it to turn into compost in a hurry. It's about 100 degrees here at the moment so I think that will really help.

While we're waiting for the compost, we're busy pulling out nasty ivy which I want to replace with some kind of native ferns and other groundcovers. Fun! If we had another 5 or 6 compost bins, we would really be able to take care of all the yard clippings!

And we're thinking about getting the house painted...

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