The holidays...

Is it December yet? So many people in our neighborhood already have put up trees and decorations. I don't even have an Advent calendar yet. And then there are Christmas cards...

This Christmas is (thankfully) going to be low-key for us. We won't have any family visiting, won't be traveling, so it will be just the 3 (almost 4) of us. I would like to get a dining room set before then so we can celebrate in style with our "fancy" china. For gifts, as always, I'm trying to keep it simple. No toys made in China. And we won't be buying for EVERYONE. Usually I plan to just do gifts for immediate family and then aunts and uncles and everyone else starts sending US gifts so I feel obligated to reciprocate. I'm working on curbing that feeling.

I am also feeling serious baby stress, as in "there's only a few weeks left and I have so much to do." I wish I could start maternity leave a few weeks before the baby is born, but I want to maximize my time with the baby after it's born. This country (and particularly this state) is so backwards when it comes to maternity leave.

M still seems a little in denial. I bought some (on sale) pacifiers at the store last night and he said, "What did you buy these for?" Um.... remember that4-5 lb kicking and squirming life that is making my belly look like a basketball? It's coming out soon!!

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