Happy Holiday

Despite my worries, Christmas was very pleasant. On Christmas Eve, everyone in the neighborhood lines the street with luminaries. So, just after dark, we met up with M, M and i to take a walk. The girls had a great time looking at all the lights and got to work off some of their pre-Santa energy. We stopped in at M and M's house for wine (water for me) and toffee before going home and wrapping gifts.

In my family, we always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve (usually pajamas) so m opened her nightgown. It was my first attempt at making a nightgown and it turned out pretty cute. m was very pleased and said she felt like a princess! Thanks for teaching me how to sew, mom!

On Christmas morning, we had a relaxing time opening gifts, eating whole-wheat blueberry pancakes, and enjoying a fire in the fireplace (I almost knocked myself out when I hit my head on the mantel but that's another story).

We ended the day with a fancy dinner at a local hotel. No cooking!

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