Summer's here

I already mentioned fireflies and super-high temps. So... this weekend we decided to admit that summer is in full swing. To celebrate, we went to a minor league baseball game, pulled out the kiddie pool, drank some beers on the deck, and gave in to the heat.

My mom always says she likes the heat and wishes she lived somewhere hot. I am here to say that hot might be good if you're on vacation, but it is not good for every day living!! On the list of things I wouldn't recommend doing in 90ยบ+ heat:
grocery shopping
doing laundry (line drying is impossible due to humidity and the dryer makes the house hotter)
going to work (you will want to change clothes as soon as you get there)
cooking (hot, hot, hot)
nursing a baby
yard work (heat stroke risk)


nea said...

cutie girls! we busted out the wading pool, too! a big sturdy free one from someone!

LSULiv said...

S- Do you use the dryer during the daytime? It sucks in air from outside, so it's usually less smothering to use the dryer at night when the outside air is cooler. Maybe that will help?