Check List

Updated checklist-

Carseat is installed
Hospital bag is packed

Still don't have a rocking chair but I'm not worried about the small stuff...


This is my week of problems. First, for some strange reason, I absolutely can't log into my google account from home (hence, no posts). And my computer keeps turning off (totally randomly and very often due to some problem with the power connection). So I am hoping my new computer will fix the problem.

Then there's the other problem- the baby's not here yet!! I took a walk Saturday, rolled my ankle on a loose rock, fell down and thought that definitely would kick start labor. Despite lots of contractions, pressure, and a general feeling of discomfort, no baby yet. I guess babies have their own schedules.

Just one more thing- I have to give a seminar at work tomorrow. But I've been out for 2 days (with contractions, pain, etc) and have had no time to prepare. Wish me luck!

So anyway, that's it in a nutshell.

Thanks for the happy list N!



I wanted m to get rid of that cheap made-in China baby doll that was a gift from one of Mollie's class-mates. After opening all her Christmas presents, she decided that she didn't need that doll after all! I am so proud of her! She told me that she likes her two other dolls better and we can give away the other one. And she said she wasn't going to tell CG we gave it away because she didn't want to hurt her feelings. How mature... then a little while later she told me my backside was fat (at 9 mos. pregnant, it is) but we had to talk about why it's not nice to say that. I hope I'm raising a socially-conscientious, empathetic person.

To do...

So we got the crib assembled and the changing table is ready with some clean clothes and diapers. I feel much better.

Still need to pack the hospital bag, a bag for m (in case she will be spending the night with friends), and install the car seat. Plus there are lots of other little odds and ends, but the crib and changing table make me feel better! We already know how to put the carseat in the car in a snap- I'll get M to do that tonight. What do I really need to take to the hospital anyway, right?


Happy New Year!

I am not making one big resolution this year- there are too many unknowns and I never follow through. Instead, I am making 12 small monthly goals here.

So for January, my goal is to clean up and organize my sewing and craft stuff.

I have already moved it out of my former sewing room, which will become the nursery. We've got the crib and changing table set up. The crib was affected by the Simplicity recall a few months back so we had to "retrofit" it. Little did I know that the retrofit results in the loss of the drop-side feature. I'm pretty peeved about it and I'm trying to get my money back from the company (Simplicity crib branded Graco). I also plan on joining a class action lawsuit. In my opinion, it is the company's responsibility to replace all of the cribs or refund the purchase price. The retrofit is bull----! I think we're in the market for a new crib but this one will work for the time being...

Back to New Year 2008...

We had a lovely New Year's Eve, complete with 70's style "Swiss Beer Fondue" and a Law and Order marathon. We also watched Blades of Glory. If you haven't seen it and you think ice skating is a hilarious "sport", it is pretty funny (in a goofy, SNL-type way).