What to do with the baby stuff

My mom sent me this article (click here) from Seventh Generation; it's a guide to recycling infant clothing and gear.

We all know babies grow fast and most baby stuff is outgrown long before it's obsolete or worn out.
This article lists resources for unloading your baby gear, and for finding used/recycled clothes and gear.

The highlights:

"Buy only what you need! If you underestimate, you can always supplement later."

"Seek used items wherever possible."

"Don't let your inner sentimentalist talk you into saving everything as keepsakes."

That last one is the hardest for me!


SYL said...

Hi Sarah!
Thanks for sharing this GREAT article!
I am all about hand-me-downs, and I found this awesome web site called handmedowns.com. Check it out! Also...start making a pile for Baby Girl Korver! We don't have ANY girl clothes yet. :) Of course, Katie's probably having a girl too! Make TWO piles! :) :)

nicola said...

i love hand-me-downs, too. in fact, we bought almost nothing new so far for our kids. carseats and crib mattress is all i can think of easily.