Notes about right now

I've see this list on numerous blogs, so here's my take:

an effort to put the dishes away
Cooking :
banana bread
Drinking :
Earl Grey tea with milk
Reading: some really trashy James Lee Burke book that I can't even remember the title of

to have things settled
for houses in Charlotte
Trouble with Mollie (the game with the popper)
Wasting: time dealing with stupid administrative issues

an apron as a gift
for a cure for cancer
Enjoying: the cooler weather and the feeling of fall

Waiting: until the kids go to sleep to grade exams
Liking: the space in our living room, now that I moved the sofa back a bit

Wondering: why cranberry red is such a popular paint color in the south

: how much Mollie and Lucy care for each other
Hoping: that the new baby will fit into the family without too many growing pains
Marvelling: at the crap that's on TV
Needing: a babysitter

the baby powder I put down as a deterrent to the ants
Wearing: stretchy black skirt, T-shirt, Cure Leukemia bracelet, no shoes

Following: my heart

cobwebs everywhere
Knowing: my priorities

about the huge list of things I have to do (let alone want to do)
Bookmarking: quinoa recipes
Opening: the doors to let the breeze in
Giggling: at Lucy wearing at least 20 sets of Mardi Gras beads, a dozen bracelets, and nothing else!
Feeling: like I need a day off


nicola said...

you DO need time off. great list!

LSULiv said...

Nice list! Sounds like you have a lot going on but a lot under control, too, even if it doesn't feel that way :)

RGW said...

Mmmm, banana bread, my favorite, will have to make some, my freezer is becoming inundated in bananas, they go off so quickly here! Hope you got some free time!