Happy Half Birthday, Lucy!

Lucy is 18 months old today!

She is such a joy! For such a small person, she has big presence. Doors don't close, they slam. She doesn't take one crayon, she dumps all 64 of them out. She doesn't just pet the cat, she lays down on top of him.

Her absolute favorite thing to do is play with balls. She likes little bouncy balls and big beach balls, glittery balls and bakis (basket)balls, golf balls and baseballs; she likes balls. We have to avoid the big bins of bouncy balls in the store because she gets really excited (legs pumping and yelling, "Ball! Ball! Ball!" ) and then upset if we don't buy one.

She also enjoys balloons (bwoons), shoes, combing her hair ('pitty'), and reading "Moo, Baa, La La La!" by Sandra Boynton. She makes some good funny faces and adores Mollie.

My favorite thing is how she will just walk into the room and squeeze my legs in a hug! Happy 18 months, little Lu!


salsita said...

Love that picture and I'm looking forward to seeing the little party animal soon.

nicola said...

happy half! what a happy little one! i cannot wait to meet her now that she is her own self!

Anonymous said...

She is sooooooooo cute! eh

LSULiv said...

Your description cracks me up! And makes me smile on the inside, too :) Can still remember the early morning text upon her 2008 arrival-- but 18 months is already here. Wow.

BookyG said...

I always want to buy a ball with I go past those bins...sometimes I do. Beautiful photo.