So, Mollie starts kindergarten on Monday! We decided that she will bring lunch from home, at least for the first week or so. The school lunches might be okay, but I am afraid that they are not big on fresh fruits and veggies and I think Mollie would choose PB&J every day. I shouldn't pre-judge, but I'm guessing the sandwiches are not made on whole grain bread with low-fat peanut butter.

So, I'm thinking of trying a bento-style lunch. You know the cute little Japanese boxes with small servings of different items? Mollie loves going to salad bars because she can select small amount of a variety of foods. And she is big on presentation, so I think it might work. I'm getting inspiration from Shannon's blog: What's for lunch at our house?

Now, I've just got to find some containers that will work. I am headed out grocery shopping and keeping my eyes peeled for just the right box. If I don't find something, we'll use some of the yogurt containers and small Tupperware that we have here and see how it goes.


Lauren said...

I have a SIGG lunch box-it's red and has a lid with two clasps: http://www.reusablebags.com/store/sigg-snack-boxes-aluminum-maxi-large-p-235.html?osCsid=1c66675314519def3eda59a94837b9e5

would you like it? I have never used it. I got it from work and it's got a silly saying on it but if you would like it, i am happy to mail it.

Auntie Liv said...

IKEA has a really cute recipe book for kids to cook that also seems big on presentation. If she doesn't seem accepting of the good stuff you're aiming for, maybe that would work?

nicola said...

you would love my friend wendy's blog!

for the past 2 years, lala has been at a preschool that requested we use as few lidded containers as possible, so she has been taking a lock n' lock bento box to school. works wonderfully, except for runny foods like yogurt.