Every station I saw today was out of gas. Last night there were long lines at all the stations, but we had no problem filling up in the afternoon.

At least the only place I have to go tomorrow is the Y. We could skip it if we needed to, but I am hoping this "shortage" is temporary.

Obviously, the world is going to run out of gas someday. I wonder if it's going to be like this? Or will there be a better solution?

Sorry to get all doom and gloom. This shortage just emphasizes the reality of global warming and the energy crisis.


BookyG said...

I didn't even know there was a gas shortage? Is it only in the east?

PleaseRecycle said...

Yes, I think it's the result of interrupted supply after the hurricanes. People started to panic.

Two stations in town had gas and the sheriffs were out limiting people to 5 gallons. There have been several cases of violence over cutting in line. The station I saw yesterday had 55 cars in line!!

I was able to fill up today in South Carolina though. I hope we're over the hump.

BookyG said...

DAMN! You see, this is why we aren't ready for anarchy, we can't even wait in line for gas like decent folk. An odd species is humanity.

RGW said...

Youch - gas shortage! I hadn't heard of that either.....hope it's all died down now the storms have passed!