It started off good. Woke up. Mollie dressed herself for ballet. We headed for the gym. I fed Lucy during the ballet class. After class, I took both girls to the child watch and worked out for an hour (swimming).

Then we went to lunch and ran a few errands. We got home and that's when things started going down hill. Lucy wouldn't nap, and Mollie wanted me to help her with art projects (Lucy and art projects do not mix). She finally got a late nap but then (duh!) wouldn't go to sleep at her usual bed time. Mollie and I had started baking cookies so between batches of cookies (listening to Lucy scream upstairs) and running upstairs to try to sooth her, I was exhausted. And Matt couldn't even come to the rescue because he was out of town for work.

Number of wardrobe changes for Mollie: 6

Number of band-aid changes for Mollie's tiny finger prick: 6 (at least)

Number of consecutive minutes of quiet (nobody crying, whining, or chattering): 7.5

Number of times I went upstairs to rock Lucy: a lot

Knowing that they are both asleep right at this very moment:


nea said...

HUGS. this, i understand and sympathize with. as for the band-aids, i had to laugh. lala's quote of the year has been "it definitely needs a band-aid." the girl got band-aids in her xmas stocking. and they usually last 20 minutes! now go have a big glass of wine!

seattlemom said...

Passing you a virtual beer... We had a very similar day including the ballet class, art projects during naptime, baking cookies and crying babies at night.

PleaseRecycle said...

Wine and beer-- you know me only too well!

I guess it's that "parents of young children" thing.