Just in time for Halloween

So, here's the latest on tainted/dangerous products coming from China: chocolate! Apparently, Cadbury pulled 11 of its Chinese-made chocolates (reportedly none were sold in the U.S.) because they were made with melamine-laced milk. For the full story, click here.

I've always been leery of candy that's not either boutique/homemade or a major brand (such as Hershey's), but Cadbury is a major brand. And those little Halloween treats that are "Not packaged for individual resale" also don't have the "Made in _______" label on them. And the larger candy bars don't necessarily have that either. Often they just have the name of the distributor. So, they could be made in China, Switzerland, or just about anywhere.

I admit that chocolate constitutes a large part of our diet, but we do eat other food items. This article got me thinking about where our other food comes from. I try to make as much food from "scratch" as possible. Very few of us can grow all our own food. Just about everyone has to purchase staples like sugar, flour, butter, milk. Most of us also purchase pasta, breakfast cereal, nuts, beans, etc. I just looked in my pantry and most of the items I looked at had no information about where the ingredients came from. Some were "certified organic" and were "grown in the USA" or "made from products grown in the USA," but most items simply had the distributor's information on the package. And, man, that's kinda scary. I can't believe I never noticed that before.

So, what to do? I think buy local is still the best bet. But sometimes it's a lot more expensive or impossible. For example, I've never seen any "locally grown" sugar in the market. Around here, there is only one farm share available and I don't think it would be very economical for us at the moment. So, organic is probably the second best choice.

Any thoughts?


BookyG said...

You don't have to worry about cadbury products here, unless you buy them from an asian store and they have chinese or another asian script on the wrapper. Cadburry actually does what it should do, the milk used to make Cadbury products is sourced close to where it is produced. Cadbury has about 60 factories around the globe, so we in North America don't have to worry that our Cadbury chocolate is coming from China.

But then I never liked Cadbury chocolate, except for the creme eggs. But Hersheys, I live on Hersheys dark chocolate. I don't know if any of their chocolate comes from china, but I do know they have at least one factory on the eastcoast, complete with a theme park, so hopefully not.

But because I'm in CA, I'm wondering how much of my candy is produced in Mexico? A country known for high lead content in it's candies.

I don't even have access to boutique chocolate in Bishop.

Cadbury Blog Post from Washington Post: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thecheckout/?hpid=news-col-blogs

RGW said...


And I actually found (and bought) local raw sugar the other day in our new Whole Foods, it came from Maui and wasn't a bad price (and I don't go through sugar quickly unless i'm in "bake" mode) - was totally impressed!