Gasoline worries

This summer, I was pleased to see that the skyrocketing gas prices finally had some effect on Americans. A Wall Street Journal report stated that 2008 was the first year ever that gas usage in the U.S. had actually declined.

Those of us who live in the South also experienced a shortage after the hurricanes, forcing people to come up with alternatives and conserve their fuel.

But now gasoline prices are plummeting and the pump isn't so painful. What effect will this have? Has the mentality changed at all? Or will people gradually slip back into their old ways and the conservation trend reverse?


BookyG said...

Gas is still almost $4 here, but if were to ever go down to $2.50 again, we would drive to the Bay Area and Bridgeport (where Tom's folks live) a lot more often. At $3 we would drive to Bridgeport more, but Bay Area trips would still be rare.

There is no public transportation to the Bay Area from here, and no weekend transportation to Bridgeport.

nea said...

i spotted $2.79 in the central valley today (an outing for which we took the more cramped but more fuel efficient car), but here it is down to $3.39. i don't think there is anything gradual about it. i think most people think the high prices were an outrage and they will be back to their car happy ways.