The steam roller

At nine months old, Lucy is in the 75th %-ile for weight and height. No surprise, since she eats everything in sight. She can't quite feed herself yet, but she grunts to let us know when she's hungry or wants more. Her favorite food seems to be ravioli with tomato sauce, but she also puts her 3 teeth to good use eating Cheerios, goldfish, and graham crackers.

She can pull herself up to standing with a little help and loves it once she's up. She's still not crawling and gets around by rolling, like a steam roller, across the floor. It's time to babyproof because she is curious and has long arms that can reach!

She is very much downward oriented- she likes to sit in her highchair and drop things off the side. She then looks at what she dropped, looks at me, and bursts into tears. Ah, gravity.

Lucy is easily entertained by peek-a-boo, the itsy bitsy spider, and Mollie. She says mama, dada, and squeals with delight at the sight of dogs. She really loves dogs. We have no idea why.

So, she's perfectly normal if a little on the large side (I can barely squeeze her into size 12 months clothes).


nea said...

thank you for this post. she is a gorgeous cutie! and finn is right up there with her in size!

salsita said...

Wow! I am liking the family profiles. I think you should continue with Matt

LSULiv said...

She looks so mature for a 9mo old, and so cute! I like the description of her dropping things and then bursting into tears-- funny kid! I hope her Christmas present fits if she's already big for 12month clothes. And just think, at only 75th%ile, there are kids 25% less likely to fit. Whoa!