The cute little hats were made by RGW! And out of yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, no less.

Now that Lucy is on the move, she's also more interactive. Mollie is really enjoying this. She can always get Lucy to laugh by surprising her. She loves to "read" to her. She loves to bring Lucy new toys and show her how to use them. She always checks with me to make sure they are not too small. Every once in a while I hear, "Mama, Lucy is boddering me!" Most of the time, they play together very well. Tonight, Mollie was gathering all the ingredients (link-a-dos and teething rings) to make donut soup while Lucy kept trying to pull electrical cords out of their sockets. Mollie would make sure to let me know that Lucy was going for the cords (even though I was right there) and would try to block access.

Yup, got to "baby proof". Mollie was never interested in all those forbidden-to-babies things like cords, sockets, cabinets, bookshelves, drawers. Lucy is interested in all those things.

Mollie still likes to participate in caring for Lucy- picking out her clothes and shoes, washing her face, feeding her. She even wanted to decorate Lucy's bedroom for Christmas. It is so sweet. In return, Lucy is very sensitive to Mollie's emotions. She laughs when Mollie laughs. She cries when Mollie cries. The last two weeks she's been in the room when Mollie was getting her chemo shots, and as soon as Mollie started crying, Lucy would too.

I am sure they will have their share of fights, but for now I'm savoring the sweetness.


nea said...

were finnian and lucy separated at birth? seriously. finn even has the blue version of that adorable hat! :)

LSULiv said...

Awww... it's so sweet that they get along the way they do now :) My brother and I probably never had those moments! At least your girls will have the chance to read back on this in 15+ years and know they liked one another ;)

RGW said...

They look so cute!