Thank You

Anita and Lauren, you have outdone yourselves. A package full of goodies just in time for Christmas (and my B-day). And not just for Mollie and Lucy, but for me too! I love it all. The handmade (cable-knit even) hat! The Listology book. Journal. Chocolate. Soap.

Mollie was overjoyed at the buttons, shells, and bath toys. And Lucy loved the wrapping paper and bows.

You're the bestest!


Lauren said...

You are so welcome!! We had a lot of fun putting it together! Love,L

BookyG said...

That is awsome!

salsita said...

No, you all are the bestest. Tell Mollie that the shells were from Puerto Rico! They speak in shellspanish! There is actually a really cool picture of the shells in their original home on my Facebook photos.

nea said...

awesome! next time, you ladies call me so i can contribute, too!