Cheap Thrills

Lucy loves to pound on my laptop keyboard and I've given up trying to use the computer while she's in the room. But my friend Michelle gave me a brilliant idea the other day- get Lucy her own keyboard. So, tonight I got one at Goodwill for $1. I cut off the cord and it's perfect. I won't let her play with it by herself because she might be able to get one of the keys off (choking hazard), but now I might be able to use my own computer for a little bit while she's in the room!

Bonus: Mollie loves it too. She already has our old telephone (with the cord cut off). She definitely likes to play with toys that are realistic, so why not let her play with the real thing?


LSULiv said...

My coworker's son loves keyboards, too! Let me know if you need another-- the IT folks at work toss them all the time!

nicola said...

isabella had her own just like this for a long time. loved it!

BookyG said...

Oscar also loves to pound the keyboard! I better keep my eyes open for a keyboard at thrift stores.