It's here

Some people write messages in snow or mud, but here in Georgia, we get to write things in pollen (that is a brick on my front porch in the picture). The pollen hangs in the air like smoke and makes even the non-allergic feel crappy.

The upside: the blossoms! Everything is blooming; the dogwoods are drop-dead gorgeous (except for ours which gets too much shade).

I couldn't resist a little poetry (from Emily Dickinson):

A little Madness in the Spring

Is wholesome even for the King,

But God be with the Clown—
Who ponders this tremendous scene—

This whole Experiment of Green—
As if it were his own!


nicola said...

lovely post! bust out the claritin and the camera!

BookyG said...

that pollen looks worse than the layer of dust from our last wind storm...impressive.