Almost Post

It seems like I'm blogging in my head all the time, but few ideas actually make it to paper the internet (ether, binary code, what have you). What have I been up to?

To give you a hint, here are a few links I've been enjoying:

-how to make a diaper for a doll from Skip to My Lou

-simple (and good!) whole wheat bread recipe from King Arthur flour

-tutorial on shirring by Pink Fig Patterns

Lots more going on... including less time at the computer!


BookyG said...

Just out of curiosity - seeing as you own a sewing machine and have real skill - have you ever tried to sew your own diaper? Yes, I seem to have a one-track diaper mind of late. By the way, I ordered onsie extenders, and though I'm annoyed that you can't tell the different snaps apart, it is quite nice to be able to extend the life of my 6 month size onsies (on my 4-month old! - he has a long torso and short legs, like mom & dad).

PleaseRecycle said...

G- I have sewed a few diapers, successfully. However, I found that I like snaps better than velcro and you have to have an expensive snap thingy to apply them to the diaper after you make it or send them off to someone else to do which seems like a real pain in the butt. And, the waterproof PUL fabric is expensive and also not available locally. So, that was kind of the end of that. But, I did sew most of my hemp soakers/inserts. That was much easier!!

nicola said...

thank you for the links! i am excited about the doll diaper one, because i could just follow the one we have, it will be helpful to read through a how to, first.

G, those onesie extenders are awesome. did i not buy you a packet before oscar was born?