Pleased as Pie

I just finished this stroller liner! It went together really quickly except for the very last part- joining the ends of the bias tape. You would think it wouldn't be that bad, but it took several tries and more than a little cursing before I finally got it.

This liner covers up all the food stains on the stroller, it is washable and reversible, and was made using things I already had in my sewing stash. Perfect!


Mommo said...

Looks fabulous. We should go into business! Remember that little place near Starbucks on Washington?

PleaseRecycle said...

It made my machine work pretty hard because it was so thick with the two layers of twill, cotton batting, and bias binding. I think I will overlock the buttonholes, but other than that I'm happy with how it turned out.

nicola said...

i love it love it love it!