Do we have answers?

I feel so lucky that, in the last week, Lucy has been able to meet all four of her living great-grandparents! Mollie knows them fairly well.

But now my grandpa's health is really starting to decline. And, I don't know if this is related or not, Mollie has been very concerned about death and us (her parents) getting old. The concept of aging must be really hard for a child and I try to give her answers that she can understand, and explain that we don't need to worry a lot about it because most people live for a very long time. Sometimes Mollie will just start crying (while we're driving in the car, usually), and when I ask why, the answer is something like, "I'm just so sad because everybody is going to die." It breaks my heart! And it makes me sad, too.

Any advice?

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nea said...

i have some thoughts that are too long to type here, but we went through death talks when M's dad died in october. and he comes up often. and then concern began again recently. i couldn't figure out why, until i realized she might be confusing dye (easter eggs) and die.