Smiles and frowns

They both are very expressive.

I capture a lot of Mollie frowns...

and I finally got my first Lucy smile (on camera).

Previous post is updated with a few B-day pictures.


Lauren said...

What a sweetie! Love to see photos of your girls!


nea said...

lucy is a cutie! so different looking from mollie! and as for mollie forwning. those aren't frowns in my book. i get those all the time from lala. those are i-want-you-to-pay-attention-to-me-pouts-but-oh-you-want-me-to-smile-for-the-camera? no-can-do looks.

nea said...

oh heck. blogger cut off my run on phrase/sentence.
basically, as soon as i ask lala to smile, i get that same pout. or the back of her head.