The lasagna lasted 4 nights so we'll be re-running some of last weeks meals this week.

Sunday: Tacos
Mon: Garden burgers/potatoes
Tues: Tamale pie
Weds: Leftovers
Thurs. Chicken with pecans, sundried tomatoes and orzo
Fri: open to suggestions... probably pasta

The birthday girl requests pesto pasta and steamed broccoli for her birthday dinner.... so we'll just shift one of the other meals to Friday. How many other preschoolers request broccoli as a special treat?


LSULiv said...

This veggie option was recently recommended to me: Fresh green beans, lightly coat them in olive oil, bake for ~20min at 400F, season and enjoy! They come out sort of like french fries. Yum!

PleaseRecycle said...

Thanks Liv. We'll definitely give that a try!

nea said...

lala does. once, when mike finished pizza she hadn't touched, she came, noticed, and got upset, crying. there was none left, so he asked her what he could give her instead. through the tears, she said "broccoli."