I wish....


I wish my house was clean
I wish I could find my dream job in the bay area (or any job really, at this point)
I wish I could have a few do-overs in life
I wish ice cream was good for you
I wish life was a simple as it was in high school
I wish the grass in our yard was healthier


salsita said...
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salsita said...

Hmm, so what would one do over be? AND, ice cream does have the benefit of providing a little calcium, right?

nea said...

i wish i thought life was simple in high school! hee hee. seriously, at this point, beyond wishing and hoping all our kids are healthy and happy for a long life, i wish for restful sleep for day after day!

Lauren said...

Hi Sarah!!

I miss you! I wish our grass was greener too. Our lawn looks like crud but I don't want to add bad chemicals to it and pollute the water system. Arrhgh.

love reading your blog.