Blog neglect, Atheism, and Favorite Christmas Gifts

OK. I am a neglectful blogger. I think it's because this blog doesn't really have a theme, I've been busy keeping up with Mollie's blog, and, well, I kind of got sidetracked by Facebook. But.... I'm going to make the effort to update this blog more often. I like it. I like writing random thoughts about politics, family, news, travel, food, etc.

So, atheism. I heard report that ~50% of Americans would not even consider voting for an atheist for President. I don't put much stock into these kinds of polls, but it got me thinking- would I? Personally, I don't care what the President's religious views are, with two caveats; she should have good morals and should not let her religion (or lack thereof) directly interfere with her leadership. In fact, I would almost prefer not to know the president's religious persuasion. I don't like the "God is on our side" mentality. So, yes, I would consider voting for an atheist for President-- a lot of other things to consider ahead of religion though.

Finally, a little late, but I wanted to mention a few of my favorite Christmas (or birthday) gifts.

1. "Nerdy" T-shirt from my brother

2. Lucy and Mollie necklace from Matt

3. Russian baby toy (for Lucy)

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nicola said...

i agree with you on loving the randomness of your blog (and mine) and i LOVE the necklace! what a beautiful and thoughtful gift!