John Updike died on Monday of lung cancer at age 76.

He is one of my writer heroes. After studying his short stories in Am Lit at UC Davis, I was drawn in. His prose was eloquent, genuine, and exceedingly comprehensible. He could describe the ordinary in a genteel and witty style.

Sadly, I haven't read any of his novels. The good news is that he was so prolific, I have a lot of novels to choose from. As soon as I finish this Grisham book, I'll pick one up.

Any Updike recommendations?


BookyG said...

Grisham to Updike - nice. The Rabbit Run series is famous, but I've never read a novel in it.

PleaseRecycle said...

They are both prolific! I am an equal opportunity reader. And honestly, I just read the Grisham because it was laying around the house.

I am much more of a short story person... having kids makes reading time precious.