The Inauguration

At our house, Obama became our President in the midst of quiet, peaceful snow flurries. I was actually in the car with two sleeping kids for the swearing in. I listened on the radio because I find that I really listen and pick up the inflections and the meaning of the words more than when I'm watching TV. The tears running down my cheeks really surprised me. Then, of course, I ran inside and watched it on TV.

Matt asked me why I was crying; I'm not really sure. I'm think part of it was some relief that Mollie's counts are good and the clinic visit went well. But it was definitely more about the inauguration than about Mollie. Here's what I told Matt,

"I guess because we're a step closer to equality. Because Bush is out of office. Because now, maybe, we can have a more appropriate response to 9-11. Because Mollie and Lucy will never remember the time before we had a "brown" President. And because I'm happy. We needed change. Even if our daily lives don't change, the mood has already changed and the last 8 years are history."

I think, at this moment, I am proud to be an American. I haven't felt that way in a long time, maybe ever. But I think Obama represents some of the best America has to offer. Now, we'll see what if he can help us change America.


nicola said...

because our children don't see the color of his skin, but know his name and that it represents hope. because most of the world is relieved. because he is SMART. because he doesn't seem to babble rhetoric and is consistent. because we feel safer. replay it for mollie if you get a chance. this is something she might remember one day.

Anonymous said...

if you want your kids to remember Obama and this election just go to YouTube and play them the Obama Llama song. we watched it during the primaries and my kids have been supporters ever since. There are a couple versions, they are repetitive and pretty funny. "one Obama, two Obama, Tree Obama, four Obama....hug Obama, kiss Obama.. Cheney shot a quail... repeat" eh

PleaseRecycle said...

Actually, we went out for dinner Tues. night and Mollie kept saying, "Obama's on that TV mama! Look, now he's on that TV!"