Time flies

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

We are so lucky that YOU are a part of our family. Your first year has not been easy; a lot of your "firsts" were overshadowed by Mollie's illness; you spent a lot of time in the stroller at the hospital or clinic. But, you brightened every day with your sweet disposition and cute smile! I can't bring Mollie anywhere without hearing, "Where's Lucy?"

Now, you're almost a toddler. You always find ways to get through our security (baby gates). You babble, you're curious, you love to eat. You follow me around the house like a little lamb and pull on my legs when you need a hug. I love that you still look like a baby, but you're growing.

I remember your birth like it was yesterday; how they wouldn't let me hold you right away because you had the cord around your neck and needed oxygen. But after those tenuous first few moments, you went about the business of being a vigorous little sister.

We love you so much kiddo! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy from rainy Oakland. You are truly a sweetheart and I look forward to seeing you (and your big sister & mom & dad) soon. I love to feed you because you eat with such abandon & gusto! And even though you probably don't know it you have been a great companion to Mollie and a joy to your dad & mom and for that matter everyone who knows you. Keep that great smile! Lots of love. I can just picture you eating birthday cake.
God bless you as you start your second year.
Grandpa TC

kp said...

Happy Birthday Lu! She looks just like Grandma Pearl there...

nicola said...

happy birthday, lucy! we have been thinking of you today and wishing we knew you a little better and you lived a little bit closer. but, since your little friend finnian is just weeks ahead of you, i can imagine all your little quirks perfectly. you are one of the most photogenic cuties i know and your mamma's post made me tear up. happy birthday, cutie!

RGW said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! Love those lips!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Little Lucy!!!!