Better today

The weather is gorgeous today so Lucy and I went for a walk (check out her ride). My grandma (Lucy's great grandma) knit the hat she's wearing in the picture.

No doubt spring is on her way. There were daffodils are in bloom and there are birds chirping everywhere! Our lawn is still brown though- I hope it's not permanent.

In other news, we've been using mostly cloth diapers but they were all dirty this morning so I was using sposies. Well, just to report, the three disposable diapers I used resulted in three changes of outfits due to leaks.


salsita said...

Where's the cup of Peet's in the cup holder?

nea said...

which stroller did you end up with?
and finn has that same onesie. :)

PleaseRecycle said...

I got the Zooper Hula (last year's model, on sale). It's compatible with Lucy's carseat but it folds up pretty small since it's an umbrella stroller. So far, I really love it!

And... T, why don't you bring me a cup of Peet's?