Meals for the Week

In an effort to save money and improve our diets, I try to plan out all our meals for the week each week before I do my weekly grocery shopping. The problem is I always write the meals down on the same paper as my shopping list, which gets thrown away. So then I end up forgetting what I had planned and I find myself staring at the fridge trying to remember what I bought and why. This week I'm posting it here so I won't forget.

Mon: Chicken tacos (with chicken meat leftover from last night's dinner), beans, rice
Tues: Pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, salad
Weds: Lasagna with salad
Thurs: Leftovers
Fri: Garden burgers and oven fries

The weekend ... we have a gift certificate to a local pizza joint....

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nea said...

this is one thing i am horrible about. i should try and do this with you!