Things that drive me crazy

A high school friend and I have been keeping a list (since high school) of all the things that make us happy. The list is long. This is good. We call it the happy list.

However, there are a lot of things that drive me crazy. I need to get a few of these off my chest- a not-so-happy list, if you will. Apologies if these offend; they are not directed at anyone in particular.

- Plurals that use "z". Like "girlz" or "bratz".
- How our culture encourages little girls to grow up so fast.
- Pre-made cookie dough.
- People who treat their dogs like children. Animals don't need birthday gifts, portraits, clothes. (Okay, I realize it makes some PEOPLE happy to do this for their pets. But... it drives me nuts.)
- Consumerism (I fall into this trap myself sometimes...)

Feel free to add to the list.


nea said...

oh! only cool people would keep a happy list going! ;)
vent away my friend!

salsita said...

So, I know that I have tons of pet peeves, but when I saw your post, none came to me. Then, in conversation last night, I remembered one...

People who wear make-up to go work out (either to run/bike/go to the gym)...

Many things sprang to life for my happy list though...Currently, I'd say one of those is waking up late (but not too late) on a weekend morning and listening to some quiet music...especially KFOG's acoustic sunrise.

PleaseRecycle said...

Oh yes... I love acoustic sunrise. I really miss KFOG. Find me a job and a house and I'll move back there!

LSULiv said...

-Sister-in-laws who talk too much. Oh wait, that's me!
-Toilet paper roll under
-Public disputes (with children or significant others)
-To caveat the gym one, what about people who are a little too comfortable being naked in the public locker room? 24hr Fitness HNL has a (excuse the crassness) "titty narcissist." Everyone knows her-- it's awful.
-Paying to park/shipping/"value" meals
-Being nickel-and-dimed by airlines or events

-Good weather days that just make you productive and in a good mood for no other reason than natural beauty
-Strangers who open doors
-Checking out to discover something you were already going to purchase is on sale!
-Thoughtfulness-- be it a random card, comment, gift, meal preference, whatever.
-A natural slow-down at work (not too slow, though!)
-Healthy, tasty desserts-- mmmm!