A Birthday

Lucy P. joined our family two weeks ago! She was born after a few short hours of labor and surprised us by how quickly she arrived. The doc barely made it to the delivery room before Lucy.

We are so pleased to have another little girl in our family and big sister Mollie is happy too (although somewhat moody).

It's hard to believe we're now a family of 4. Flying is never going to be easy. We can't really fit any other passengers in our "big" car (Honda CR-V). "Free time" is nearly non-existent.

I can't imagine (and I fear the day) I have to go back to work. It makes me teary to even think about it. My mom asked me if I missed work at all.... um, no way! I need to pick up some tax paperwork and I've been avoiding even going into the lab for the 5 min I need to do that....

We are beginning to adjust to the big changes but life is far from "normal." However tired we may be, we are so thankful for a healthy, beautiful baby girl!

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