In a funk?

Maybe it's just the baby blues, but I haven't had very much energy/vitality lately. Actually, I think I'm just feeling a little isolated. I don't have a lot of interactions with people throughout the day. I am staying plenty busy with chores, but I do feel lonely.

I don't know any stay at home moms in my area who would be free during the day for a walk or a cup of coffee. There is a La Leche League group here and a "mommy and me" group but both of these only meet once per month. There are some play groups, but I have a one month old, and I know I have to go back to work so I can't really participate long term.

What I really want to do is get busy finding a job elsewhere and moving closer to family and friends. That is my long term goal. I want it to happen this year so I'm going to try to do one thing every day to get closer to the goal. Step one is to find a job for Matt or myself so I'm going to start looking and sending out CVs.

Why is being a grown up so hard?

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nea said...

i can so relate. you know, when lala was born, i felt this exactly. i went back to work when she was 7 weeks, but before that, i found a support group weekly at the hospital. before returning to work, i asked if there was something similar for working parents. not really, so i started a yahoo group and invited everyone to join. it took off and is great for online chatting, making playdates, etc. it is a mix of working and sah parents. maybe something like this?