Dryer sheets

I don't like dryer sheets/fabric softener. Matt used dryer sheets when we first met and I hated how the laundry came out. Clothing made of natural fibers (like cotton) always felt like it had a lotion-y coating. Towels treated with fabric softener are the worst- they lose absorbency and I don't feel clean after using them.

I was doing some internet research on cloth diaper washing routines and a tangent led me to a site that lists the toxic chemicals found in dryer sheets. I haven't been able to find any reliable, well-documented information showing that these chemicals are indeed in dryer sheets, much less that they actually harm humans in the amounts that are present, but it is an interesting question.

People seem pretty protective about their laundry routines, so I probably won't convince anyone to change, but here are a few good reasons not to use dryer sheets:
*reduce chemical exposure (for yourself, and anyone standing near your dryer vent)
*reduce unnecessary waste (why are dryer sheets unnecessary? if you have a static problem, try washing synthetic fibers separately. these are the main culprits when it comes to static. or try using a little vinegar in the rinse. or line dry your laundry.)
*reduce cost
*extend the life of your clothes

There is nothing like the smell of clean laundry (that is, no smell at all)!

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nea said...

we don't use dryer sheets, fabric softener, or detergent with scent. in fact, i often make laundry poweder at home. and we line dry almost all of our laundry. i can stand putting cardboard diapers on my baby's butt, so i dryer dry those, but they still get hung in the sun to bleach stains!